Stationary engine tractor club

Welcome to the site for Stationary engine uses.

A place for old iron and stationary engine fanatics to share information about interests that include hit miss tractors, Butt buggies, Doodle Bugs, accessories powered by the mighty one lunger engines.    Disclaimer: This is my first attempt  at making a web site so please bear with me.

This club is to promote the many uses of stationary engines. With all of the different uses of stationary engines in days gone by and the never thought of ideas until now, I hope that you will share and show your creations of what you have made, thought about making, connected, busted or just talk about what ever turns your crank. Although created for a light hearted place to exchange ideas for making tractors powered by stationary engines it does include many other uses for the mighty one lunger. My personal favorite use of my Economy is being hooked to a Ice Cream maker.

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